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Review of 15 MINUTES by Lynn Farris of Hot Mystery Review

Lynn S Farris

Larissa Reinhart“15 Minutes” is the first book in the new Maizie Albright Star Detective series by Larissa Reinhart and it is a winner. Imagine a mashup of Nancy Drew, Lindsay Lohan and the Duck Dynasty!

As Larissa stated in our interview, “Maizie’s an ex-teen star who returns to her hometown of Black Pine, hoping to rid herself of Hollywood tabloid hell for a new career as a private investigator. For a license in Georgia, she needs training and there’s only one gumshoe in Black Pine: Wyatt Nash of Nash Security Solutions. He’s got a hard body, Paul Newman eyes, and no interest in having an ex-actress for an apprentice. Unbeknownst to Maizie, she’s also followed to Georgia by her stage-monster mother and their reality show cast and crew.”

Maize’s father owns a successful company called DeerNose. Maize describes him as the Michael Kors of clothes among hunters. His…

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